Carjacking and Vehicle Thefts at All-Time High Nationwide

Carjacking and Vehicle Thefts at All-Time High Nationwide

( – Supply-side issues, disappointing jobs numbers, and rising inflation have all come together to wreak havoc on much of the nation’s economy. Now, to make matters worse, a recent report indicates carjacking and overall vehicle thefts are at an all-time high nationwide.

On November 23, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) issued a press release warning about the nation’s crime rates as it winds its way through the holiday season. Could the recent movements by Democrat-run cities to defund the police have opened up unprecedented opportunities for criminals?

According to the NICB report, auto theft rates started going through the ceiling in June 2020, with the country seeing a 13% increase year over year. Unfortunately, the trend continued throughout 2021, with 41 states reporting increased thefts as well as carjackings.

Leftist cities like Chicago got hit the worst with a 134% rise in carjackings in 2020. The Windy City experienced a 44% increase in 2021. New York fared far worse with an increase of 81%. Washington, DC, another Democratic-led city, was up 45%.

Fortunately, the NICB report wasn’t all bad news. The organization also offered some excellent advice for holiday shoppers. For instance, always park cars in well-lit areas. Likewise, make sure the windows are rolled up and check to make sure all the doors are locked before leaving the parking areas.

If your shopping spree includes multiple stops, store bags in the trunk or cover them so they cannot be seen by would-be criminals. Last but not least, remain calm and follow instructions if confronted by a carjacker or thief.

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