CDC Caught Exaggerating Outdoor COVID Risk

CDC Caught Exaggerating on Outdoor COVID Risk

( – Americans are tired of wearing masks outdoors and limiting their activities based on the assumption that COVID-19 spreads outside of confined spaces. Cancellations include sporting events and concerts. Washington DC’s Democratic Mayor recently banned dancing and standing at wedding receptions, indoors and outside. As it turns out, the scientific basis for the CDC’s continued call for outdoor restrictions could be flawed.

The CDC reported that “less than 10%” of coronavirus transmissions occurred outdoors when releasing its latest guideline in April. However, in a May 18 article, The New York Times reported that figure is “almost certainly misleading.”

According to The Times, the figure apparently was based on an improper classification of COVID-19 transmissions that actually occurred indoors and not outside.

Virologist Dr. Muge Cevik said the CDC’s 10% figure appears to be “a huge exaggeration.” Several other epidemiologists told The New York Times the rate of outdoor transfer of the virus is less than 1%, and perhaps even lower than 0.1%.

The CDC is having a tough time trying to communicate effectively and confusing many people about outside risks. It’s no small wonder that people question the government’s honesty and don’t know who to listen to regarding risks and mask guidance.

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