CDC Kept True Data Hidden From Americans

CDC Kept True Data Hidden From Americans

( – As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, many Americans remain skeptical about data, or the lack thereof, originating from CDC. Moreover, a recent news report indicated there may be a reason to doubt the agency’s motives when releasing information.

On Sunday, February 20, The New York Times published an exposé revealing efforts by the CDC to withhold critical data regarding the coronavirus pandemic from the public. According to The Times, the agency has collected information about the number of coronavirus-related hospitalizations broken down by age, racial identity, and vaccination status. Yet, those statistics remain hidden from public view.

The CDC has started trickling information to the public regarding the efficacy of vaccination boosters for some adults under the age of 65. However, it conspicuously left out any data about 18- to 49-year olds.

As The New York Times reported, the omission of the information is critical because that’s the group least likely to benefit significantly from the booster jabs.

CDC spokesperson Kristen Nordlund haughtily told reporters the information wasn’t “ready [yet] for prime time” when asked about the omissions. She added the center also had concerns some individuals might misconstrue the information.

The NY Times reported some people don’t appear to buy the explanation. They wonder if Biden administration officials don’t want the public to know about the effectiveness of vaccines and boosters, particularly within the age group conveniently held back in publicly reported CDC data.

Do you think the CDC is deliberately withholding this information to increase the number of those getting booster shots?

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