CDC Says Schools Should Stay Open Like Trump Has Said From The Beginning

( – The White House’s Coronavirus Task Force held its first press briefing in several weeks as the nation heads into winter and the holiday season. CDC Director Robert Redfield discussed the need to balance caution with evidence to protect the nation’s schoolchildren.

According to Dr. Redfield, the coronavirus infections identified in schools were “acquired” at home and in the community and not educational institutions. Continuing, he explained the safest place for children from kindergarten through 12th grade is in the classroom.

Continuing, he stated his position that closing schools would be “counterproductive” to containing the spread of COVID-19 “from a public health” perspective.

The data does not support shuttering public school systems or higher learning institutions.

His statement mirrors those of President Donald Trump, who discussed reopening schools back in August. According to the president, many schools could reopen provided they followed health guidelines and mitigation protocols.

President Trump has consistently stated that deciding whether or not to send kids to school should rest with families and not government officials. Dr. Redfield’s announcement confirms the accuracy of that position.

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