CDC Study Provides New Insights Into COVID-19


( – When COVID-19 began spreading throughout the country, scientists didn’t know much about the virus. However, they quickly noticed that older people and those with certain pre-existing conditions were at an increased risk of becoming seriously ill and dying during the pandemic. 

Former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 task force began warning Americans that they should take extra precautions if they fell into one of those groups. The experts also stressed that younger people and those without comorbidities were at risk of serious complications, but it was much less than those who fell into the aforementioned categories.

When President Joe Biden took over in January, his administration continued to stress that fact. He isn’t quite as vocal about it as Trump, which some believe has caused healthy people to become overly anxious and fearful. 

New CDC data proves Trump was right, and the people who should be the most concerned are those with comorbidities. 

Hospitalizations and Deaths

The CDC recently released a study of a large sample of COVID-19 hospitalizations in its July 2021 Volume 18, E66 edition of the Preventing Chronic Diseases Journal. Researchers studied a group of 4.9 million coronavirus-related hospitalizations. The scientists found that people who suffered from pre-existing conditions were much more likely to suffer from serious illness. 

According to the hospitalization data, only 5.1% (249,522) of those who were admitted to the hospital ended up in the ICU. Those who had two or more pre-existing health conditions were more commonly admitted to the unit. They were also far more likely than healthy people to be intubated and die. 

Although those with comorbidities were more likely to end up in the ICU, they still had a relatively low death rate. Of the nearly 4.9 million people in the sample group, 1.6% (80,174) of them died. The death rate increased depending on the number of pre-existing conditions the patients had before they contracted the virus.

Hypertension, obesity, and diabetes were most commonly seen in the patients with the severe illness. 

What About Healthy People?

People who are healthy can still contract COVID-19, but they have a much lower risk of ending up with serious complications from the virus. That’s not to say they don’t get seriously ill sometimes, but their chances are much lower as Trump said while he was in office. 

At this stage of the pandemic, Americans know how to keep themselves safe. They don’t need to be told what to do at this point by Democrats and other politicians — especially in light of this new data.

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