Chicago Judge Reverses, Allows Mom to See Her Son

Chicago Judge Reverses, Allows Mom to See Her Son

( – The recent rise of the Delta variant has caused inevitable tension between the public and government officials, to the extent that conversations about medical freedom and bodily autonomy have slowly crept their way back into the courts. An Illinois courtroom challenged the debate by erroneously prohibiting a Chicago mother from visiting her son until she got vaccinated against COVID-19.

Cook County Judge James Shapiro stripped Chicago mother Rebecca Firlit of her parental rights during a recent virtual hearing regarding child support issues. According to Firlit, the hearing barely started when Judge Shapiro asked her about her vaccination status.

Firlit responded that her physician recommended against her receiving the COVID-19 vaccine due to her history of adverse reactions to previous inoculations. Shapiro told her he would not allow any visitation with her 11-year-old son until she received at least one shot.

Firlit’s attorney contested the judge’s decision. Thankfully, on August 31, Shapiro did a 180-degree turn and reversed himself without offering any further explanation. Firlit’s lawyer attributes the mounting pressure from social media for the change of heart.

Hopefully, Firlit gets to see her son soon. Other press have indicated she might get to see him by the end of the week, but it remains uncertain whether or not she already has.

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