Child Dead at North Carolina ‘Troubled Teen’ Camp

( – Sometimes, when kids become too much for parents to handle, they reach out for help from the school, extended family, or medical professionals. Other times, these parents go to the lengths of sending their troubled kids away for independent interventions. Trails Carolina Camp in Lake located in Toxaway, North Carolina, is one such camp that touts itself as a nature-based residential therapeutic program for kids ages 10 to 17.

On February 3, the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release announcing the death of a pre-teen shortly after arriving at the Trails Carolina Camp. The statement said the 12-year-old arrived at the facility the day before, transported by a couple of men from New York to North Carolina. Upon arrival, the child was assigned to a cabin with four adult staff members. Early the next morning, the center called 911 to say the boy wasn’t breathing.

CPR was reportedly administered by the staff and continued when emergency services arrived on the scene, but it became clear that the 12-year-old had been dead for a while. At that moment, police secured the area and began to investigate. An autopsy took place days later, with initial reports from the forensic pathologist saying the death did not appear natural. Sheriff Chuck Owenby said in the press release that the child’s death was “suspicious,” since he was there for less than a day when he died. The exact cause of death, however, is still being determined.

Fox News reported that the program at Trails Carolina costs over $700 a day, depending on the child’s age, and centers around fixing family relationships and helping pre-teens and teens work through their behavioral and emotional problems. The camp apparently has a good track record, but this wasn’t the first death at the Carolina location. In 2014, 17-year-old Alec Lansing froze to death after he ran away from the camp.

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