Children Face Upsetting Challenges Following COVID Lockdown Restrictions

( – When the COVID-19 pandemic began, schools across the country closed for months. Students in some states went on Spring break that year and never returned to class. Former President Donald Trump and Republicans warned for months that keeping schools closed would be bad for the health of children.

Experts agreed and advised states to allow kids to go back to classrooms sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, it seems it didn’t happen soon enough and now children are reportedly suffering as a result.

Pandemic Isolation Impacting Kids

On June 30, the Associated Press revealed a suicide crisis in the US. According to the report, months of isolation and social distancing make it hard for kids to reenter society. Zach Sampson, a 16-year-old student, had two suicide crises during the pandemic. He told the AP that he is worried about his social skills now that the pandemic is coming to an end.

Christine Certain, a mental health counselor at Orlando Health’s Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, says that when the pandemic began there was a dramatic increase of “severe cases in crisis evaluation.” She explained that now that society is going back to normal, kids are making another “huge shift.” That is making it difficult for children to deal with stress.

The stress is now causing another surge in mental health issues. Ohio’s Dayton Children’s Hospital Vice President Dr. John Duby said the number of mental health submissions increased 30% from July 2020 through May 2021. The president of the Children’s Hospital Association, Amy Knight, said there is an “overwhelming demand for pediatric” services and it is putting a “strain on pediatric facilities, primary care, schools and community-based organizations.”

Not Just America

The mental health crisis is not just impacting kids in the US. In March the Japan Times reported that suicides among kids in that country hit a record high in 2020. In the UK, experts warned that the COVID pandemic is making the mental health of young people worse. About 7% of children in the country have attempted to kill themselves and 25% said they self harmed over the last year.

It’s not surprising kids are having such a hard time across the world. They need consistency and will thrive when the world makes sense to them. COVID-19 and the lockdowns have been incredibly harmful but hopefully the world will start to make sense again soon.

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