China and North Korea Are Making History

For the first time ever, Chinese President Xi Jinping is traveling to North Korea to meet with leader Kim Jong Un.

Although the men have met before, it has never happened on North Korean soil. The meeting could mean good things for the United States and President Trump, who has been working with both leaders. Most recently, Trump has been in talks with China over trade agreements. He has also been trying to get Kim Jong Un to end his country’s nuclear and missile programs. So far neither of the countries have been open to many compromises.

This could change, as Xi Jinping has already stated he hopes this meeting will lead to the early steps of de-nuclearisation and peace between North and South Korea. It shouldn’t take long to find out if this will have any benefit for America since Xi Jinping and Donald Trump will be meeting at the G20 Summit in Japan at the end of the month.

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