China Bans Tutors From Teaching Online As They Crack Down on Information

China Bans Tutors From Teaching Online As They Crack Down on Information

( – China maintained a one-child policy for decades as part of an effort to control the country’s exploding population. It scrapped that policy in 2016 and replaced it with a two-child limit, then increased the limit to three children in May 2021. China’s ruling Communist Party recently announced it would “strictly regulate” the tutoring sector to cut the cost of raising children to help encourage population growth.

On Wednesday, September 8, China officially banned tutors from offering their services online or at private locations like hotels, coffee shops, and people’s homes after earlier efforts to control the industry failed.

For instance, local media outlets reported that some tutors tried disguising their services by claiming they operated as housekeepers and live-in assistants. In some instances, they operated using the names of summer camps and other companies providing services to children.

China’s Ministry of Education confirmed that tutors moved their operations “underground” as part of an effort to avoid government regulations, impacting the policy’s successful implementation. The Ministry also stressed that off-campus tutors needed to obtain licenses and operate at registered venues.

China claims, on the one hand, it is trying to protect the welfare of children. Yet, on the other hand, it says it is trying to encourage population growth. What’s next for China, mandatory childbirth?

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