China Faces International Backlash

China Faces International Backlash

( – The way the Chinese government is handling the COVID-19 outbreak is angering world leaders. President Donald Trump has spent the better part of a month sounding the alarm about the communist country’s actions. Now, Germany’s largest newspaper, Bild, is hammering China and the German chancellor is also calling on the country’s leadership to stop hiding information.

In an open letter, Bild Editor-in-Chief Julian Reichelt called out Chinese President Xi Jinping for keeping the “world in the dark” when they knew the virus was “highly infectious.” He went on to question whether China should pay for the “massive economic damage” COVID-19 is causing around the globe.

The Chinese Embassy responded to Reichelt and lashed out at the paper saying it was prejudiced and hostile toward the communist country.

On April 20, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters the Chinese government needs to be “more transparent” about how the virus began. Trump has been calling for the same transparency from officials in Beijing. However, instead of openly discussing the origins of the virus, the Chinese government is tightening its grip on the information that academics in the country publish.

China’s refusal to cooperate with the rest of the world is angering leaders and the press.

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