China Now Making Demands of United States in Bilateral Talks

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( – The United States’ relationship with China has remained contentious at best for years. Former President Donald Trump took a no-nonsense approach to China and imposed punishing trade sanctions on Beijing. President Joe Biden didn’t lift or reduce any of those sanctions to his credit, and his administration recently added new ones.

Wendy Sherman, the Deputy Secretary of State, is currently traveling throughout Asia as part of an official trip to meet with regional leaders. On July 26, she expressed concerns about recent actions taken by China’s Communist Party during a meeting with Chinese officials.

Sherman discussed the ongoing detention of American and Canadian journalists by Chinese officials. She is also concerned about China’s heavy-handed approach to Hong Kong, recent military actions in the Taiwan Strait, and human rights abuses and crimes against humanity in the northern region of Xinjiang.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, appeared to brush off her concerns. Instead of addressing them, he accused the United States of deliberately misrepresenting the facts regarding China’s actions. He also warned that it was time the US returned to taking a more “pragmatic” approach to relations with China.

Lijian also made three demands of the United States. First, it wanted the US to stop challenging its socialist goals. Second, the US must avoid taking any action to “obstruct” China’s economic development. And third, the US must refrain from challenging Beijing’s “national sovereignty” and “territorial integrity.” In other words, keep out of China’s affairs in Hong Kong and its alleged abuse of mostly Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang.

Despite Lijina’s bluster, the US State Department reported the talks were beneficial, and it supported friendly competition between the two superpowers.

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