China Offers Support to Russia After Ukraine Comments on Taiwan

China Offers Support to Russia After Ukraine Comments on Taiwan

China Makes Deal With The Devil After Ukraine Warns About Taiwan

( – Less than a week after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked the world to protect Taiwan against a Chinese invasion, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping pledged his support to Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding their “respective core interests.” China not only offered financial support to Russia but promised to back the country on its mission to reclaim the sovereign country of Ukraine.

China and Russia

Although he didn’t give any details about the support, Xi stated his country is willing to work with Russia on their shared viewpoints regarding “sovereignty and security” and other unnamed serious concerns. According to news sources in China, Xi wants to help Putin develop reasonable “international order and global governance.”

Regarding Ukraine, Xi said both Ukraine and Russia should cooperate to end the conflict. He promised China would play a helpful role in this process.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia would release more details about the conversation later. At the time, he only confirmed the talks took place.

Ukraine and Taiwan

Both Ukraine and Taiwan are sovereign nations with strong ethnic ties to their much larger counterparts: Russia and China. China does not view Taiwan as a sovereign nation at all, but as a part of the mainland, in much the same way as Russia views Ukraine. The difference is that Ukraine used to be part of the USSR, whereas the Taiwanese do not see themselves as a part of China.

Some experts believe China is watching Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and taking notes as it prepares for a similar invasion into Taiwan. If true, that would be two superpowers taking over territory from other seemingly weaker countries, setting a dangerous precedent.

The similarities between Ukraine and Taiwan extend to how Russia and China view the two countries. Just prior to the Ukraine invasion, Putin called Ukraine an “inalienable part” of his country’s history. The Epoch Times reported China as saying the same thing about Taiwan.

Former White House Senior Strategist Robert Spalding predicted that Taiwan would be next just after Russia invaded Ukraine. Chinese commentator Shi Tao cited China’s superior strength as a source of danger for the island nation.

The Future of Ukraine and Taiwan

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated; no one can predict the outcome right now. Yet, there are signs that what Putin may have once thought would be a quick battle has turned into an extended and extremely complex process. The Ukrainian people not only garnered support from much of the world but also showed extreme bravery in the face of opposition.

A similar situation could unfold in Taiwan if China decides to attack. However, the fact that China is significantly more powerful than Russia suggests the outcome of that battle could be even more devastating for local citizens.

Both Ukraine and Taiwan are sovereign nations, at least from their own perspectives. However, Russia and China have historical reasons for considering recapturing the territories and a long history of re-exerting rights over seceded land. What remains unclear is whether Xi will really choose to follow in Vladimir Putin’s footsteps.

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