China Spies More of a Threat Than COVID

China Spies More of a Threat Than COVID

( – There was a time in the recent past when US-China relations were relatively good compared to other times in history. The two countries negotiated a historic trade law that benefited both. President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping worked well together and for the most part, everything was relatively calm. Even the trade war wasn’t full of the animosity that has since set everyone on edge.

Then the Chinese Communist Party blew it up. Leaders in Beijing hid a deadly outbreak from the world for months. During that time, they stockpiled medical supplies. When their secret was finally out, they began attacking President Trump and now the national security experts are warning of another problem.

FBI Warning

On June 24, during an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News, FBI Director Christopher Wray said China’s the biggest threat to “America’s innovation, to our economic security and to our democratic ideals.”

The FBI director explained “economic espionage” by the Chinese is impacting our businesses from the small startups all the way up to the biggest corporations. Spies in the communist government work to steal US innovations and information to take it back to China to further their own agenda. Bad actors are also working to influence the way Americans think about the country in order to shift our politics in a “more friendly pro-China, pro-Chinese Communist Party direction.”

National Security Adviser Has Something to Say

On the same day the Fox interview with Wray aired, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien was also warning about China. During a speech to business leaders in Phoenix, Arizona, the Trump official said the Chinese Communist Party is a threat to our way of life.

O’Brien said America has “awoken to the threat” thanks to President Trump. We aren’t just standing by as Chinese leaders do whatever they want. However, the national security adviser did warn about China’s mission to spread “pro-Beijing propaganda…” and cybersecurity concerns as the communists collect US citizens’ data.

Wray and O’Brien made it clear the president is working to stop Chinese aggression. But what happens after the election? That’s why it’s so important for patriotic Americans to show up at the polls in November to ensure Trump has four more years to deal with these threats.

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