China Takes Anti-US Stand

China Takes Anti-US Stand

( – If it seems like China’s in the news a lot lately, you’re not seeing things. For some asinine reason, it seems intent on angering the United States. With America such a big trade partner, it makes zero sense to be aggressivee, but here they go again.

This week, the US government sanctioned officials in the country for their treatment of ethnic minorities. Now, the communist government is promising retribution. And, if that weren’t bad enough, it’s also sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong when it comes to our break with the World Health Organization (WHO).


On July 10, the Chinese government vowed to retaliate after the US Treasury announced sanctions against a number of Communist Party officials. The country said they’d “definitely fight back…” because they believe America is getting involved in their internal business and threatening the country’s sovereignty.

Zhao Lijian, the foreign ministry spokesperson, told reporters China “strongly opposes and condemns…” the decision to bar the officials from entering the US. Keep in mind, the people banned are accused of perpetrating some of the worst human rights abuses of our time — they’re putting more than a million Uyghur Muslims in the country into internment camps.

Anti-US Stand

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump’s administration notified the United Nations of his intention to withdraw the US from the WHO. In the president’s opinion, the world health body has a bias for China and he doesn’t want our country to continue to fund the organization.

Spokesperson Lijian claimed the move by the US proves we are “pursuing unilateralism…” because the president is “breaking contracts.”

Trump has the right to pull America out of organizations if he believes it’s not in our best interest to continue a relationship and that’s what he’s done. Perhaps, the Chinese government should worry about those people it has shoved into camps — that seems to be an actual problem needing attention.

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