China’s Army Joins Pakistan For Military Drills With Troops And Fighter Planes

( – China and India have been locked in a border dispute for decades. In June 2020, the two countries became engaged in an ongoing conflict. According to reports, Pakistan and China are joining forces to intimidate India.

On Tuesday, December 8, reports indicated China signed a defense agreement with Pakistan to counter the India-US pact. The Chinese army sent soldiers and fighter jets to a Pakistani airbase by the Indian border for joint military drills on Monday.

The Chinese defense ministry released a statement saying the exercise was part of a “2020 cooperation plan” that will “promote development” between the two militaries and “deepen practical cooperation.”

The fact that the exercise took place near the Indian board means it’s likely the countries were trying to intimidate America’s ally. It looks like it was a show of strength. Both China and Pakistan participated knowing full well the US is connected to India. What might that mean about future conflicts?

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