Chris Christie’s Niece Charged After Airport Meltdown

( – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s niece, Shannon Epstein, was in a scuffle with police officers in November 2022. She reportedly injured multiple officers during the dust-up. A year later, she has been charged with multiple crimes.

According to reports, Epstein boarded a Spirit Airlines flight at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport early in the morning on Thanksgiving last year. As the flight was getting ready to take off, the Republican presidential candidate’s niece turned to a Latino family sitting next to her on the plane and asked them if they were “smuggling cocaine.”

The plane returned to the gate because the then-25-year-old was becoming belligerent. Airline workers asked law enforcement to remove Epstein from the plane after she started screaming. Deputies with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrived and she refused to exit the jet bridge. The officers attempted to arrest her, but Capt. Jason Rivarde, a spokesperson for the department, told that she became “extremely combative.”

Epstein allegedly hit, kicked, bit, and spit on deputies who were trying to take her into custody. She was accused of drunkenly slurring her words and asking them if they knew who she was. She reportedly said they were “so f***ed” and told them, “I know Donald Trump.”

Seven deputies had to handcuff Epstein to a wheelchair and move her to the airport security office. As they carted her away, she continued to scream vulgarities at the officers. She injured six deputies during the fight. Epstein was arrested at the time and booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center and paid $10,750 to bond out of jail.

On December 4, the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office charged Epstein with two misdemeanor counts of disturbing the peace by public intoxication and one felony count of police force or violence. If convicted of the felony count, Epstein could go to prison for one to three years.

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