Chuck Schumer Hints at Removing Filibuster If Democrats Take US Senate

Chuck Schumer Hints at Removing Filibuster If Democrats Take US Senate

( – The Democratic Party is already thinking about ways to potentially abuse its power if Joe Biden is elected president in November. In a recent interview, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made it clear the Left will stop at nothing to push through its agenda. Even if that means stomping all over the mechanisms that keep one party from having too much power in the Senate.

Schumer’s Declaration

During an August 20 interview with “The Joe Madison Show” on SiriusXM, Schumer said he won’t rule out getting rid of the filibuster if Biden wins. The minority leader said Democrats will “do what it takes” to get their agenda through even if the Republican Party doesn’t work with them.

What’s a Filibuster?

A filibuster is a legislative procedure that allows a lawmaker to block a Senate action through debate or introducing other procedural motions. A filibuster can be stopped if 60 votes are achieved.

One of the most memorable attempts at a filibuster was in 2013, when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) read “Green Eggs and Ham,” on the Senate floor to try and stop Obamacare. The move wasn’t technically a filibuster, but it’s often referred to as one, and it went on for 21 hours.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spent almost 13 hours filibustering the vote to confirm former President Barack Obama’s pick for CIA director. John Brennan was eventually confirmed, but Paul succeeded in delaying the vote.

Hypothetically, if Biden wins in November and the Democrats take the majority in the Senate, they would have to have support from some Republicans to get legislation passed. Right now, the GOP holds the chamber 53-47. If the Right refuses to work with the Left, then getting rid of the filibuster would be the only way to push the radical agenda through.

However, killing the filibuster is often called the “nuclear option” because of the seriousness of the act. And Schumer should remember: what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. If Democrats do it, there’s nothing stopping the Republicans from also doing it.

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