Chuck Schumer Introduces Deadline for Infrastructure Plan

Chuck Schumer Introduces Deadline for Infrastructure Plan

( – Republicans and Democrats have been negotiating a bipartisan infrastructure bill for weeks. There are reports that they have finally agreed on a $1.7-trillion plan giving the go ahead for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to set a deadline for the legislation.

Schumer’s Deadline

The Biden administration and Democrats are reportedly looking for a win with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. They have been talking about it for months and are ready to move on finally. According to a July 7 Politico report, White House Legislative Affairs Director Louisa Terrell and Deputy Legislative Affairs Director Shuwanza Goff spoke to Democrats on Wednesday and told them that they’d like to have a bill on the floor as soon as two weeks.

In an email to the news organization, an unnamed White House official said that Schumer said he wants to move on with the plan as early as July 19. The official said the Biden administration supports “going forward as fast as possible.”

A group of 20 bipartisan senators came together to create the legislation after a lot of drama surrounding Biden’s first plan. The legislators created the framework for the bill but all of the details have not yet been hammered out. For example, they have not yet figured out how to pay for every item. There are concerns that the progressive members of the Democratic Party are going to try to stand in the way of passing the bill. On the other side of the aisle, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has also warned that the GOP would make it hard on Democrats if they try to pass the legislation on their own.

How We Got Here

In April, President Joe Biden announced his desire to pass a massive infrastructure bill full of Democratic wishes. His plan included money for social programs, green energy, and a bunch of other things. Republicans were appalled by his list of demands, saying the plan barely contained any infrastructure.

Biden and the Democratic Party didn’t care. They said they were going to push ahead with the plan anyway by using budget reconciliation. That’s a tool that allows lawmakers to pass one budget-related bill with a simple majority each fiscal year. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) objected to the process, forcing Democrats to negotiate with Republicans and that is how the current infrastructure bill was born.

Originally, Biden had hoped to have a bill before Congress on Memorial Day, but that didn’t happen. Now, Schumer is trying to get the legislation through before Congress recesses for the month of August. Whether it actually happens remains to be seen.

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