CIA Warns of Possible Invasion

CIA Warns of Possible Invasion

( – Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his troops to invade neighboring Ukraine in February 2022, there has been much talk about whether China will do the same thing with Taiwan. In February, the New York Post reported the US was sending 100 to 200 troops to Taiwan to train the nation’s military when that annual number typically hovers around 30. In addition, Taiwanese forces are receiving training from the Michigan National Guard in the states. Those moves are in addition to the military equipment soon making its way from the US to the island nation. What do these moves indicate?

On March 6, NewsNation reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned that China plans to reclaim Taiwan within the next five years. The agency worries the move will pull the United States into war. In September 2022, President Joe Biden stated US troops would defend the island nation if China was to invade in a similar fashion to Russia. When asked if that meant the US military would be the ones defending the island, Biden answered with a definitive “yes.”

CIA Director William Burns said China’s President Xi Jinping told his military to be ready for a Taiwan invasion by 2027. According to reports, China is already planning to increase its defense budget but assures the bump does not indicate a specific “threat to any country.” Wang Chao, the president of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, said the increased spending will provide “regional stability and world peace.” Although China doesn’t spend as much on its military as the United States, NewsNation reported the Asian nation has the world’s biggest standing army at two million strong, dwarfing any other country in the Indo-Pacific region.

There has been a concern that China is or will supply Russia with aid in its fight against Ukraine as well. The US warned the Asian nation against such a move, stating there will be “serious consequences” if they aid Moscow.

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