Cities With Soros-Funded DAs Experiencing Crime Surge (REPORT)

Cities With Soros-Funded DAs Experiencing Crime Surge (REPORT)

( – Billionaire businessman George Soros is dumping millions into local district attorney (DA) races across the country. It appears he wants to change the criminal justice system by putting politicians he’s paid for in positions to decide who should and shouldn’t be prosecuted. Even worse, it seems crime in cities where Soros has put his DAs in place are seeing spikes in crime.

According to a report by the Washington Times, San Francisco, Philadelphia and St. Louis are all experiencing crime spikes. In Philly, homicides are up 34% in 2020. District Attorney Larry Krasner, whose campaign was given $1.7 million, often attacks the police, even threatening to prosecute federal officers. In 2019, after six officers were shot while carrying out their duties, law enforcement wouldn’t let the DA into the hospital to speak to a wounded cop.

The same stories are playing out across the country in cities where Soros has meddled.

Recent statistics prove George Soros needs to keep his hands out of the DA races. He already has way more power than any one man should hold. And, his policies are not ones that keep our families safe from predators. In fact, Americans may be even less safe.

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