CNN Host Attacks 2nd Amendment and Calls Himself a Patriot

( – The Monday attack in Boulder, Colorado, was the seventh mass shooting in the United States in seven days. CNN defines a mass shooting as: “a shooting incident which results in four or more casualties (dead or wounded) excluding the shooter(s).”

Note that not all the so-called mass shooting resulted in deaths. CNN did not bother to report how many mass shootings typically take place in an average week in cities across the US. As one might expect, CNN went overboard with its coverage of the latest shooting in Boulder, Colorado, with controversial host Don Lemon leading the charge.

Lemon went on a rant about the Boulder shooting, which claimed 10 lives during the “Don’s Take” portion of his nightly program on Tuesday, March 23. According to Lemon, criticizing the Second Amendment “doesn’t mean you’re un-American” or that you are “anti-gun.”

Nope, it means that you are “exercising your First Amendment” right to speak out about guns. He also claimed that trying to pick apart Second Amendment protections is “part of being a patriot.”

He wrapped up the segment calling out legislators who support Second Amendment freedoms. “Stop playing politics with our lives,” he said. It’s always the “same old song and dance” after every shooting.

He somehow forgot to tell his viewers that the shooter in the Boulder attack was a Syrian immigrant who identified as an anti-Trump Muslim on his social media accounts.

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