CNN Host Calls Republicans Racists And Bigots

( – When the American people turn on a news program, they expect that the anchor of the show to be unbiased. After all, that’s been a journalistic tenet since, well, the beginning. Unfortunately, that is not what CNN viewers get.

On February 16, Don Lemon attacked the Republican party over former President Donald Trump’s recent acquittal and the consequences some GOP members are facing for voting to impeach in the first place. Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s (R-IL) family shunned him after the vote. The CNN host said Conservatives “can no longer say they don’t agree with” racists, bigots, white supremacists, anti-Semites and insurrectionists. He claimed they have “shown through their actions” they support them.

Lemon also attacked Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) in his rant.

It’s sadly unsurprising that Lemon said these things. He is the same guy who has repeatedly attacked former President Donald Trump, his family and administration officials. Is it really any wonder millions of Americans think CNN is the fake news network? Lemon destroys its credibility almost every night.

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