CNN Host Makes Alarming Statement About Joe Biden

( – Joe Biden reportedly spent much of his time safely locked away in his Delaware bunker, avoiding members of the media during the 2020 presidential campaign cycle. It took him an unprecedented two months in office to give his first solo press conference. Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speculated earlier this year that Democratic officials didn’t want him to be put in a position of being alone in front of reporters.

CNN’s chief national foreign affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny spoke out about efforts by administration officials to prevent Biden from engaging with the press on June 16, shortly after Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Zeleny, Biden’s advisers are routinely “screaming at him to stop” answering reporters’ questions. Continuing, he said he has covered the last four presidents and never saw one “so protected by his aides” who didn’t want him “to answer” some questions.

Of course, the whole world saw what happened when CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked Biden why he was confident Putin “will change his behavior” during a press briefing shortly after the Biden-Putin summit. Biden shouted out, “Where the hell…what do you do all the time?” in response to her question. He later apologized, but the long-term damage to his global standing remains to be seen. This trip definitely did not improve his image

With foreign diplomacy and national security on the line, perhaps administration officials are wise to keep Biden shielded from reporters whenever possible.

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