CNN Ignores Latest Allegation Against Andrew Cuomo

( – New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces a multitude of problems. He’s under federal investigation for allegations surrounding his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in nursing homes. The state of New York is also investigating him for numerous allegations of sexual harassment. One would think CNN would be covering those stories nightly, correct? Nope!

Fox News reported on CNN’s handling of Gov. Cuomo’s ongoing legal woes in an enlightening exposĂ© published on Wednesday, March 31. A review of Grabien’s transcripts of recent CNN newscasts confirmed suspicions that CNN failed to adequately cover the mounting Cuomo crisis.

So far, the network made no mention of Cuomo’s ninth accuser, although she went public with her story this Monday. Similarly, the network has shied away from directly addressing issues surrounding Cuomo’s sixth accuser.

Fox News also reported that its analysis showed that CNN had gone nearly a week without mentioning the latest allegation regarding his handling of COVID-19 testing. Reportedly, he gave vaccine priority to family members and allies, including his younger brother and CNN host, Chris Cuomo.

What isn’t clear is CNN’s motive for avoiding the topic of Gov. Cuomo’s problems. Is it because his brother works for the network? Is it another instance of mainstream media bias? Inquiring minds want some answers.

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