CNN News Anchor Refuses to Discuss Allegations Against Brother

( – There is a conflict of interest happening over at the CNN studio. One of the network’s biggest stars hasn’t been doing his job lately. At the very least he hasn’t been doing a great job. That’s because one of the biggest stories in America is about his brother and he is ignoring it.

Sexual Harassment Claims

On Wednesday, February 24, Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), once again accused him of sexual harassment in a post published on Medium. She alleges that in 2018 the governor kissed her on the lips after she met with him for a briefing. The first time she accused the governor of harassment was in December 2020.

Governor Cuomo denied the story and the mainstream media talking heads have largely ignored it. But one person’s silence is drawing more attention.

CNN Anchor’s Silence is Deafening

Chris Cuomo, the anchor of CNN’s primetime evening show, is the governor’s brother and he isn’t telling his viewers anything about the allegations made against his powerful sibling. On the night Boylan’s accusations were published, the anchor discussed the Boeing 777 incident and the January 6 Capitol Hill violence.

The younger Cuomo’s reaction to the latest allegations against the governor is similar to his response to the nursing homes scandal in which his brother is also embroiled.

Newsweek recently reported that CNN is not allowing its star anchor to talk about the scandals his brother is involved in, but why? He is supposed to be a professional capable of performing his job. If his bosses aren’t letting him speak about it, it’s indicative of a larger problem: The news network can’t trust someone it puts on the air every night.

What’s worse is that the network expects the American public to believe what he has to say. No wonder former President Donald called CNN “fake news.”

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