CNN Shows More Signs of Bias; GOP Vs Dems

( – Donald Trump warned the nation about CNN. Its bias is on display regarding Chris Cuomo, the brother to New York’s embattled Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Washington Post reported on May 24 that Chris Cuomo took part in strategy calls to help his brother handle the press amid the mounting sexual assault allegations against him.

The same consideration doesn’t appear to apply to Rick Santorum, a former Republican senator and long-time CNN contributor. On May 22, CNN announced it “parted ways” with Santorum after he made some remarks about Native Americans at a speaking engagement.

Speaking off the air, Santorum remarked early Americans “birthed a nation from nothing” and that little remains of Native American culture in the United States anymore.

He later clarified those remarks, coincidentally enough, in a segment with Chris Cuomo. He explained that he wasn’t dismissing the treatment of Native Americans. “Far from it,” he said. It was “horrific” and went against everything he stood for as a Senator, he added.

This situation shows the clear bias CNN uses when approaching controversy surrounding its contributors and hosts. Santorum gets fired, and Cuomo gets rewarded.

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