Commission Approves Rules To Silence Mics At Presidential Debate

( – The final presidential debate is set for October 22. It was supposed to be the third match-up between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but the Commission on Presidential Debates canceled the second event after the candidates didn’t agree to the format. Now, the commission is changing a major rule. 

On Monday, October 19, the commission announced it would mute each candidate’s mic during the debate. It claims the goal is to give them two minutes of uninterrupted time at the beginning of each segment. 

During the first face-off, the Left accused the president of speaking over Biden. It seems a bit ridiculous to mute their mics and incredibly biased. This is a clear attempt to stop the commander-in-chief from calling out Biden. These aren’t teenagers. It’ll be interesting to see if Trump’s mic is muted more than the former vice president’s. And what will the punishment be if that happens?

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