Congress Members Targeted in Latest Attack

( – Initially, people thought of the internet as a new frontier, a place where technology and humans could merge and interact in a realm with vast possibilities. However, with the rise of ransomware nowadays, it increasingly resembles the Wild West.

Media outlets reported on June 8 that a private company providing digital constituent services to congressional members fell victim to the latest ransomware attack. David O’Boyle, the spokesperson for the US House Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), confirmed the attack on iConstituent.

Representatives from iConstituent told the CAO that its electronic newsletter system had been targeted in the attack. According to O’Boyle, the CAO coordinated with the impacted congressional offices and was “not [yet] aware of any impact to House data.” Tech Times spoke with security experts who confirmed that the ransomware attack impacted the accounts of 60 congressional members.

Ransomware continues to plague the US with several recent attacks on the nation’s infrastructure. President Joe Biden issued an executive order last month to improve the nation’s cybersecurity systems, and the Department of Justice announced last week it would prioritize ransomware attacks at the same or similar level as terrorist events.

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