Controversial Group Makes Ridiculous Social Media Demand

Controversial Group Makes Ridiculous Social Media Demand

( – Social media companies launched an unprecedented assault on then-sitting President Donald Trump in the wake of the January 6 riot at the nation’s capital. Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat permanently suspended his accounts, and Facebook banned him from its platform for an “indefinite” period.

The last thing social media giants needed was any encouragement from outside groups to continue their practice of throttling conservative voices. Yet, Black Lives Matter (BLM) felt it necessary to step into the controversy.

Its official website posted a list of seven demands earlier this year, one of them calling on “all digital media platforms” to ban Trump from their sites permanently.

According to BLM, Trump “always used” his social media pages to “recklessly and irresponsibly… spread lies and disinformation.” It also accused him of using the sites to “incite violence” and “promote its continuation.”

As one might expect, it didn’t offer up any proof of those wild accusations — nor has anyone else with any credibility. On the other hand, when Lefty Liberals like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called for violence pending the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial using social media accounts, BLM remained noticeably silent.

Perhaps it’s time for social media giants to start evaluating those posts and applying the same standards instead of singling out ones by leading conservatives.

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