Controversial Rights Group Makes Disturbing Declaration About American Flag

( – The past year has brought with it a wave of violent protests, nationwide attacks on law enforcement officials, calls for defunding the police and numerous other waves of what can only be described as “madness.” Unfortunately, cancel culture has crept in, too, with calls for defunding the police, eliminating prisons, and replacing the American flag.

The Utah Chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) posted a photograph of the American flag on its Facebook page along with a statement lashing out at its use on the Fourth of July. According to the group, the American flag is a “symbol of hatred.”

When Black Americans see it, they “know the person flying it is a racist” and unsafe to be around, according to Utah’s proud BLM chapter. They proclaim the individual displaying the flag like that “lives in a different America” than they do, calling on them to question that person’s intelligence.

Sadly, Utah’s BLM chapter wasn’t the only one creating unnecessary controversy on the Fourth of July. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) posted a two-part tweet lashing out at America’s Founding Fathers. She complained that they wrote “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence at a time in history when African-Americans were enslaved.

While there’s little doubt the country remains divided, lashing out at the American flag or complaining about events that happened over 200 years ago isn’t making matters any better or bringing Americans together. It’s creating deeper division and making things worse.

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