Could a Stimulus Bill Be Around the Corner?

( – The American people have been waiting for Congress to pass another COVID-19 stimulus bill for months. The pandemic has left millions of people in dire financial straits. Unfortunately, Democrats have largely refused to negotiate with Republicans. That’s left families in limbo as they wait for something to happen on Capitol Hill.

Now, it looks like the Left may finally have come to their senses and realized not helping the American people could cost them big time.

Democrats Want Action

According to reports, a group of House Democrats who are in danger of losing their seats are asking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to hold a vote on another stimulus package before the election in November. The Hill revealed the group is being led by Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairman Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and other moderates.

In a letter to the party leadership, the representatives said they were writing to urge continued “bipartisan negotiations” with the GOP and Trump Administration, in order to “deliver meaningful relief” to Americans. The members went on to say it was “essential” they find a compromise “before the election,” so the president can sign it.

Mnuchin Expects Negotiations to Restart

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has led the negotiations during the pandemic and has tried to push Pelosi into action for months. She has steadfastly refused to give an inch, but that could be changing. The speaker reportedly instructed leadership to begin drafting a smaller stimulus bill this week.

Mnuchin told a Senate Banking Committee that he is “willing to sit down anytime for bipartisan legislation” if Democrats would also sit down with him.

It’s clear Pelosi and her party realized their current position is unsustainable. Refusing to pass anything to help the American people in their time of need is political suicide. The people of this country want representatives who work for them, not against them.

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