Counties Target Democratic Governor for Draconian Restrictions

( – Michigan was one of the states with some of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the country. Governor Gretchen Whitmer imposed lockdown measures without any input from the legislature and was likened to a tyrant. Now, counties in the state are fighting back to ensure she never does that again.

On Tuesday, March 30, Cheboygan County joined seven other Michigan counties and denounced Whitemer’s lockdowns. The county passed Resolution 2021-06 to support the effort by the state’s counties to oppose “current and future orders unilaterally issued” by the governor in response to the virus.

Other counties signed similar resolutions, including Baraga County, whose commissioners signed one in January.

The COVID-19 lockdowns have had a devastating impact on the country and the state of Michigan. Millions of people are unemployed in the state and according to reports, 32% of its businesses closed during the pandemic. The state cannot afford any more lockdowns and these counties know it.

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