Countries Send Request to Extremists During Afghanistan Uprising

Countries Send Request to Extremists During Afghanistan Uprising

( – The Taliban has gained control of Afghanistan just days after the US turned operations over to the Afghan military. Countries around the world are now demanding the militants do something for them.

On Sunday, August 15, the US State Department released a joint statement with 98 other countries demanding the Taliban allow international citizens to leave the nation. The countries said those in positions of power are responsible “for the protection of human life and property” as the security conditions deteriorate. The joint statement also stated that Afghanis who want to leave should be allowed to flee. Roads, bridges and borders must also remain open while the evacuation efforts take place.

The next day, President Joe Biden addressed the US in a televised speech and repeated those demands. He said the Taliban must allow America to safely evacuate refugees, journalists, diplomats and others without violence. The commander-in-chief went on to say that if the terrorist organization carries out an attack on the 6,000 troops who are carrying out the evacuation, they will suffer the wrath of the US military.

The US military is filling flights with desperate refugees and relocating them outside of the Middle Eastern country. So far, there has not been an effort to stop the evacuations from taking place.

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