Couple Spends Thousands to Remove Unwanted Pests


( – Purchasing a home requires several time-consuming and sometimes expensive inspections. A Pennsylvania couple discovered skipping them can come with a high price tag.

Sara Weaver and her husband recently purchased a farmhouse in the historic village of Skippack, located in the southeastern corner of the state a few miles from Philadelphia. They decided to forgo the usual inspections since they already decided to move to Skippack and were anxious to start moving into their new home.

The required disclosure forms did say “bees in wall,” but the Weavers didn’t think anything of it at the time. It was winter, and nothing seemed amiss. However, when spring arrived, Sara couldn’t bee-lieve the number of bees swarming around her house.

The Weavers quickly contacted a local contractor and beekeeper named Allan Lattanzi to help eliminate the un-bee-lievable number of bees at their home. He quickly removed the bees, telling the Weavers and local news outlets he found about 450,000 bees living in three separate colonies inside the walls of the Weaver’s house. He estimated they had been living there for about 35 years.

Unfortunately for the Weavers, the final cost of the bee removal and home repair came to a whopping $12,000, or about 2.7 cents per bee. Hopefully, others can learn from their story and not bypass inspections when purchasing a new home!

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