COVID Pediatric Illness Comes to US

COVID Pediatric Illness Comes to US

( – Last week we told you about a mysterious illness affecting children in London. Doctors were warned about the multisystem inflammatory disease that seems to be related to COVID-19. Now, kids in the US are becoming sick.

According to a report by a major news outlet in New York, at least 64 children have an inflammatory illness. The New York State Department of Health conducted a survey earlier this week and issued an advisory asking medical professionals to be on the lookout for it.

Dr. James Schneider, Pediatric Critical Care Chief at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York, explained what the illness does in an interview with CNN.

There isn’t sufficient reason to panic about the new illness. Right now, children are still considered pretty low-risk. The vast majority of them only have mild symptoms if they catch COVID-19. Parents and physicians just need to be aware that this inflammatory sickness is possible, but not a widespread concern. Health officials in the US are monitoring the illness.

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