Cuba Fire Disaster Is Finally Under Control

Cuba Fire Disaster Is Finally Under Control

Oil Plant DISASTER – Raging Fire Finally Under Control

( – On Friday, August 5, lightning struck a tank at an oil storage facility in Matanzas, Cuba, and quickly spread to two other tanks. It quickly became the worst fire in the country’s history. Fortunately, after days of fighting the blaze, emergency responders are finally getting it under control.

Emergency workers from Mexico and Venezuela helped the communist nation contain and put out the blaze. They were still dousing the smoldering remains with water from helicopters and boats as late as Wednesday, August 10.

Cuban officials lashed out at the United States, claiming America didn’t do enough to help. According to a report by NBC News, a State Department spokesperson said the country did not formally request help from the US, explaining officials had “general discussions with the government of Cuba on [the] tragic disaster.” An official from the communist nation claimed President Joe Biden’s administration only offered “technical advice.”

Cuba reportedly contacted American companies that battle industrial fires but was told the government would have to approve any payments because of sanctions against the island.

One firefighter has died, and fourteen are missing. Five are in critical condition at an area hospital. Experts believe the fire will make the country’s energy crisis worse.

Do you think the US should have done more to help the island battle the historic blaze?

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