Cuomo Blames Feds for Worsening Migrant Crisis in NYC

( – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) began his political career as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the ‘90s. He subsequently served as New York attorney general for a few years before the people of NY elected him governor. He held that position for 10 years until he stepped down amid a scandal in 2021. Recently, he spoke to a crowd in the Bronx, criticizing politics in America.

What Happened?

Cuomo spoke from the pulpit of the Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the Bronx about current issues. About five minutes into his discussion, he started talking about what his father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo (D), would say about the world today. Cuomo said his dad, who was generally a positive person, would say things aren’t very good today. He pointed to the war in Ukraine and the “division” within the United States. The former governor said politics overall has gotten “dirty,” “corrupt,” and “mean-spirited.”

The former New York leader then turned to the city itself, calling out the homelessness problem, issues in the subway system, and crime in the city. On top of that, he said there was a “migrant problem” that was the “worst government blunder” he’s ever seen in his long political career.

Cuomo explained that the problem starts at the federal level, with the government inviting people from other countries to migrate to the United States. He said when those people come to the border to seek asylum, agents ask them where they want to go, and a lot of them say New York. The former politician said, “What are they going to say? I want to go to Nevada?” Then NY sends all of them to the Big Apple because politicians want the “political problem” concentrated there and away from the “rest of the state.” The city then has to take care of the influx without help from the rest of the state or the federal government. Cuomo said, “That’s wrong.”

Migrants in New York

According to the former New York governor, there are at least 100,000 migrants who have flocked to New York City. Other sources put the number over 175,000. NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently said people ask him all the time why he doesn’t stop the buses full of migrants coming into the city. The mayor explained that he couldn’t because it’s against the “sanctuary city law.” However, he reportedly suggested the law needed changing to allow him to deport any migrants who “commit a felony or violent act.”

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