Cuomo Shifts Blame

Cuomo Shifts Blame

( – According to the NYS Department of Health, more than 5,900 senior living residents in New York have died from COVID-19 — and the state may have contributed to their deaths. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) isn’t taking responsibility though, instead, he’s blaming President Donald Trump.

The Associated Press recently investigated the COVID-19 deaths in NY senior living facilities and found over 4,500 virus patients were sent to the homes. Many facilities were forced to take recovering victims even though no patients tested positive at the time. On May 10, the state reversed its policy, but it was too little too late.

Instead of taking responsibility for sending infected patients into homes with the most vulnerable, Cuomo told reporters on Saturday he was following “the president’s agencies’ guidance.” He went on to say the press shouldn’t be criticizing NY for following “the president’s policy.”

The CDC guidelines lay out very specific rules, including stating positive patients must meet the criteria to end Transmission-Based Precautions before going to a regular room in a nursing home. Even then, if they test positive, they have to stay in a private room and follow strict social-distancing guidelines if they leave. In other words, the Trump Administration never said the state should start dumping positive patients into facilities.

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