Customers, Staff Forced Unexpectedly to Sleep Overnight in IKEA Store

Customers, Staff Forced Unexpectedly to Sleep Overnight in IKEA Store

( – Winter is sweeping across many parts of the world and bringing terrible storms with it. These dangerous conditions are causing all sorts of problems in some regions. In fact, snow has left people stranded in at least two instances.

In early December, an IKEA in northern Denmark became a makeshift campsite after a snowstorm left workers from a neighboring toy shop, six customers and about two dozen employees stranded. At least 12 inches of snow fell in the region, causing dangerous conditions. It was the heaviest snowfall the country had seen since 2018.

One of the people stranded, Michelle Barrett, told public radio broadcaster, DR, those stuck in the store “just laughed” because it’s not something they’ll likely experience again. The flip side is customers got to try out different IKEA beds and couches.

Prior to the Denmark snowstorm, 61 people spent three nights in the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, England. The patrons made the trek to the high-altitude bar to see a cover band but became stranded when snow and wind brought power lines down. The people stuck in the bar played games and watched movies while they waited for someone to rescue them.

Back in the US, it was tornadoes, not snow, wreaking havoc on the midwest. More than 90 people died when storms swept across six states. If those storms were any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be an unpleasant winter … to put it mildly.

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