D.C. Scrambles as China Buys Up American Farmland

China, America

(ReliableNews.org) – Former Vice President Mike Pence warned the US during a recent speech at the Heritage Foundation that China’s Communist regime “harbors [hostile] intentions” toward the US. He also noted that China is working to become an “evil empire” that cannot be trusted and urged President Joe Biden not to allow businesses controlled by the Chinese government to control America’s food supply.

POLITICO reported on Monday, July 19, that bipartisan concern is swelling regarding China’s ongoing effort to expand its American presence by purchasing farmland and major agriculturally-based businesses. In late December 2019, the US Department of Agriculture reported that China controlled roughly 192,000 acres of US farmland worth nearly $2 billion.

The House Appropriations Committee recently adopted an amendment to the Agriculture-Rural Spending bill to prohibit future agricultural purchases by companies wholly or partially controlled by China’s Communist government. The amendment would also block Chinese-owned agricultural operations from receiving any ‘federal funds for farm’ programs.

The amendment’s sponsor, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA), warned that current purchasing trends in the US are leading the country “toward the creation of a Chinese-owned… land monopoly.”

Committee members unanimously passed the amendment and indicated their intent to work across party lines to ensure the measure’s passage before the full House. The amended bill is expected to reach the floor of the full House before the end of July.

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