DA Delays Andrew Cuomo’s Arraignment

DA Files Request to Delay Andrew Cuomo's Arraignment

(ReliableNews.org) – Andrew Cuomo’s reign as governor of New York came to an abrupt, if not unexpected, end in late August. On August 3, the New York Attorney General’s Office released a report detailing the Democratic governor’s assault/harassment of 11 current and former state employees. The Albany County District Court scheduled an arraignment hearing for Cuomo on November 17 but ended up granting a prosecutor’s request to delay the hearing.

District Attorney David Soares penned a letter to the judge overseeing the case requesting a 60-day delay. Soares advised the court his office had been investigating allegations of “forcible touching” lodged against Cuomo when the Albany County Sheriff’s Office “inexplicably” and “unilaterally” decided to file charges against the disgraced former governor.

However, Soares claimed the filing documents contained several defects. For instance, the criminal complaint didn’t include a “sworn statement” from Cuomo’s alleged victim, documentation of “other relevant portions of testimony,” and misstated relevant law.

Soares also advised the court the premature filing of the charges initiated a 90-day time limit for his office to certify discovery in the case. Continuing, he asked the court to grant a continuance until January to allow his office to complete its investigation “to reduce the risk of a procedural dismissal.”

The judge agreed to delay Cuomo’s arraignment until sometime in January 2022. Cuomo faces a misdemeanor count for forcible touching.

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