Daredevil Takes $6,000 Bet at Disney’s EPCOT Lagoon

(ReliableNews.org) – Taking bets to do something ill-advised is nothing new. That’s what a man at EPCOT in Disney World reportedly did recently — and his misadventure was all caught on video.

On October 23, Gwyn and Brendon from DisFamily Adventures, an Instagram account, were passing by the Italy Pavilion at EPCOT when they heard a man and his friends being loud. The couple said the group’s antics caught their attention, and they paused. The friends were telling a member of the group they would give him $6,000 if he jumped into EPCOT’s World Showcase Lagoon.

The man took the bet and climbed the railing. In a video making its rounds on the internet, the man is heard asking, “How deep is that water?” People in the vicinity shouted at the man, telling him he was going to be kicked out of the amusement park. The man ignored the warnings of those around him and leaped into the water.

According to Brendon and Gwyn, a manager saw what was happening and “was on her radio before he even hit the water.” When he swam to the bank and rejoined his friends, park “security was right behind him.”

Walt Disney hasn’t responded to any questions about the incident. It’s not known if the man was removed from the park. However, Disney does have strict rules about guests engaging in unsafe activity. Certainly, jumping into a lagoon meets this definition.

The incident isn’t the first time someone has acted out at a Disney park. A woman was at the Disney Skyliner at the Kissimmee, Florida, theme park when she decided to flash guests as her gondola passed others traveling in the opposite direction. Like the man who jumped into the water, her antics were caught on video. According to reports, the gondolas have screens on them that make it difficult for passengers to see the ones they are passing, so it’s not clear how many people saw her bad behavior.

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