DC Bar Seeks Suspension of Hunter Biden’s Law License After Felony

(ReliableNews.org) – Hunter Biden is now a convicted felon. A federal jury in Delaware found the first son guilty of three felony gun crimes. There’s now a move to strip him of his law license temporarily.

The law licensing committee for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals has recommended Biden have his law license suspended. On June 17, the Court of Appeals’ disciplinary counsel sent a letter to President Joe Biden’s son and his attorney Abbe Lowell to inform them that they’d received a copy of the jury verdict. The panel determined the conviction was a “serious crime” under the DC Bar’s licensing rules.

The letter said Biden was “suspended immediately from the practice of law in the” nation’s capital. The panel will now conduct an investigation into the president’s son to determine whether the conviction involved immorality or dishonesty as defined by the Bar’s licensing code.

The suspension of a law license in DC is considered a standard procedure when a lawyer is convicted of a felony.

The federal jury convicted Biden of lying on a background check form when he purchased a gun in 2018. The form asked whether or not he was a drug addict, he said no. Evidence showed he was using crack cocaine at the time he filled out the form.

The president’s has spoken about his drug problems extensively in his memoir and the press. During his trial, his defense team tried to argue that he didn’t know he was a drug addict when he filled out the form. The jury didn’t buy the excuse and convicted him on all three charges.

Biden is facing up to 25 years in prison for the crimes. He is also facing a possible fine. However, he will likely receive a much lighter sentence because he had a clean record at the time of his conviction.

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