Debunking the Left’s Narratives: This Is How Trump Did It In His First Term

( – Before President Donald Trump took office, Democrats were already spreading lies about him. They claimed he was a racist, a criminal, un-American and the list goes on. When he was sworn into office, the misinformation reached a fever pitch and never really let up. We have listed some of the most popular Left-wing narratives, and how Trump destroyed them all.

Debunking the Left’s Lies

Rumor: Trump refused to condemn white supremacists after the 2017 violence in Charlottesville.

Facts: The president condemned hate groups multiple times after the violence, including on August 14, 2017, when he said hatred, violence, and bigotry have “no place in America.” Again, on August 17, he named neo-Nazis, the KKK, and other hate groups in a statement condemning the violence.

Rumor: Trump colluded with Russia.

Facts: Robert Mueller investigated those allegations for more than a year and found no evidence the president ever sought help from Russia.

Rumor: Trump is a racist.

Facts: Under the president’s leadership minorities saw record low unemployment, criminal justice reform, and he appointed multiple people of color to his administration.

Rumor: Trump has mental health problems.

Facts: In 2018, the White House physician gave Trump a cognitive test and proved he is not mentally ill.

Rumor: Trump allowed Russia to launder money through the Trump Organization.

Facts: Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified before Congress and said that did not happen.

The Left spent years lying about the president almost every day and their lies were debunked repeatedly. That didn’t stop them though, and they will likely continue to spread false rumors about him in the next administration.

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