Defund the Police Candidate Gets Car Stolen

( – Cries to “Defund the Police” have echoed from coast to coast for more than a year in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police. Leftist activists and politicians have taken the absurd position that life would somehow be better without the services of law enforcement officials — that is, until something bad happens to one of them.

For example, check out a day in the life of Atlanta city councilman and mayoral candidate Antonia Brown. He couldn’t call the police fast enough when a group of young children reportedly stole his white Mercedes coupe in broad daylight on May 26.

On the surface, this may sound like no big deal. After all, that’s what most people do when they fall victim to a crime. They call the police. However, Brown voted to withhold $73 million in funds to the police earlier this year.

Brown did thank the police for looking into the theft of his car. However, he clearly doesn’t like to see taxpayer money going to the police. Perhaps it’s time for the Atlanta Police Department to send him a bill for filing his report.

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