Dem Senator Makes Wild Accusation

Dem Senator Makes Wild Accusation

( – Democratic lawmakers are trying really hard to push a narrative that President Donald Trump is to blame for the coronavirus deaths in America. They even insinuated he killed Hermain Cain by holding the Tulsa, OK rally the former Republican presidential candidate attended. One Leftist senator isn’t being subtle, he’s outright accusing the president of being responsible for people dying.

After the president accepted the Republican nomination at the White House on August 27 in front of about 1,500 guests, tongues started wagging. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) called the Republicans who attended the event “stone cold killers.”

He even took it a step further and said the president “is deliberately killing people.”

The senator’s statements are so unhinged, it’s almost hard to believe the words that he posted for the world to see. Attendees of the president’s rallies make the decision to go knowing there might be risk involved. We live in America. In this country, people have free will and that’s what his supporters are exercising. The president is not to blame for anyone’s death. He didn’t create the virus and he isn’t forcing people to go see him speak.

Anyone who claims otherwise is spewing partisan nonsense.

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