Democrat Alarmed As Biden-Harris ‘Freeze-Out’ Advisers

( – The presidential campaign season is well underway, with the general election just over five months away. While the nominations aren’t official yet, the presumptive nominees are President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump for another head-to-head match. But at least one person believes the Biden campaign could be on the wrong path.

On May 29, Democratic strategist Doug Shoen talked about the president’s campaign. He said the White House is practicing a “near-total freeze-out” on advice from outside strategists — to the campaign’s detriment. Schoen said that could spell big trouble for Biden’s re-election efforts. He believes the campaign should focus on important issues like the economy, the border, and the Israel/Hamas war.

Schoen fears that progressive voters who are angry about the devastation in Gaza could turn toward a third-party candidate like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or just stay home and not vote at all. The strategist thinks that could result in the president losing “at least two swing states” — like Minnesota and Michigan. Schoen claimed the Biden campaign was “tone-deaf” and refused to listen to strategists who have had great successes in previous campaigns — like himself and others.

He said that the Biden campaign doesn’t appear to have a clear strategy to win the election. According to the expert, the campaign is missing any messaging about the issues that matter and is, instead, focused on “demoniz[ing] Trump.” Schoen said that polling shows that it isn’t working at all, as the two presumptive candidates are neck and neck.

Average polling reported by FiveThirtyEight showed the former president ahead by 1.7 points over Biden on May 30. However, those polls don’t reflect the impact of Trump’s guilty verdict in New York. Still, Schoen believes the Democrats need to refocus their efforts and listen to the experts if they expect a victory.

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