Democrat Congressional Candidate Sues To Hold District Race Despite Death of Candidate

( – Desperately hoping to cling to power, US Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) filed a federal lawsuit attempting to obstruct efforts by Minnesota’s Secretary of State to schedule a lawful special election for Minnesota’s second congressional district.

Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate, Adam Weeks, died mid-September, 44 days before the election. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon issued an official statement on September 24 announcing a special election to be held on February 9, 2021 prompting Craig to file her federal complaint.

Under Minnesota law, if a “major party” candidate dies within 79 days of an election, it must be postponed. Despite that fact, Craig insists the special election is unlawful.

Republican opponent Tyler Kistner not only respected the order for a special election, but he also directed his campaign to suspend all activity out of respect for Weeks’ family.

The law is crystal clear in Minnesota regarding special elections. But, Craig seems to think it’s to her benefit to have a third person on the ballot instead of waiting for a lawful election next year in another fine example of Democratic Logic 101.

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