Democrat Continues to Push to Defund Police Agenda While Hiring Private Security

police protests – Democrats continue to push their radical and reckless demand to “defund the police” despite rising crime levels in municipalities that heeded the call. Perhaps no one has been as vocal about stripping law enforcement funding as members of the infamous “Squad.”

On Sunday, July 25, Fox News host and former US Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) tore into Squad member Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO). It came after a recent review of mandatory campaign expenditure filings showed she spent roughly $70,000 for private security measures after months of promoting the call to defund law enforcement agencies nationwide.

As Gowdy explained, Congressional members have the luxury of using campaign funds to spend on enhanced security measures. Safety is an obvious concern, he said, “But what about you?”

Understandably, lawmakers want to increase funds for their own security, but they should extend that same consideration to their constituents, Gowdy continued. If “their safety” is a priority, shouldn’t yours be one, too?

After more than a year of nationwide riots in the wake of George Floyd’s May 2020 death, safety is of the utmost concern to Americans. Crime is on the rise in several municipalities that decided to reduce police funding.

Now is not the time for radical Leftist lawmakers to circle the wagons and protect themselves while ignoring the safety of the American people.

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